Saturday, 7 May 2011

Euclid – Geometric Constructions (iPhone app)

I’ve been playing with the Euclid iPhone app this week.  It’s a fantastic app and very addictive.  The basic idea is to turn the process of ruler and compass geometric constructions into a game.  You start with some basic constructions, such as midpoint, and as you progress you get set more difficult ones, such as square roots.

The progressive levels of difficulty, as you would expect with a game, works really well and contributes to a sense of achievement when levels are completed!  A particularly nice feature is, as you would expect for something based on Euclid’s Elements, is that when you have completed some of the constructions, such as perpendicular bisector, this then gets added as a tool you can use.

It’s really pleasing to see maths envisaged in a puzzle game format in this way – I’ve certainly learned some geometry from playing it – and would be interesting to know if any teachers have used this with students.  The app can be downloaded from:

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